Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walter Isaacson

At one point, the pulmonologist tried to put a mask over [Steve Jobs's] face when he was deeply sedated.  Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design and refused to wear it.  Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked. . . . He also hated the oxygen monitor they put on his finger.  He told them it was ugly and too complex.
Walter Isaacson's biography portrays Steve Jobs as a complicated and exhausting man.  In an article about Isaacson's book, Malcolm Gladwell concludes that Jobs was "a bully."  

During his final hospital stay, when Jobs wasn't criticizing the design of his oxygen mask, he was complaining about nurses.  According to Isaacson, Jobs went through 67 nurses before finding three that were acceptable to him.

According to Gladwell, Jobs was a "tweaker."  The first MP3 player came out five years before the iPod, and there were other smartphones and tablet computers long before there was the iPhone and the iPad.  But Jobs had a gift for "ruthlessly refining" the inventions of others, Gladwell says.

Steve Jobs a few months before his death

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