Friday, December 16, 2011

Kanye West

Prince William ain’t do it right 
If you ask me
'Cause if I was him 
I would have married Kate and Ashley

From Kanye and Jay-Z's 2011 single, "Niggas in Paris," which is #2 on Rap Genius's list of the best 100 rap songs of 2011.  Click here to see all 100.

No, I haven't forgotten that we're supposed to be featuring Jay-Z on "Rap Fridays" this month.  But Jay-Z and Kanye are BFFs -- they released a collaborative studio album titled Watch the Throne earlier this year that included this song, and are coming to the end of a wildly successful joint tour.  (I walked out of my office one night in November and found myself in the middle of an enormous crush of people.  Turns it that was the night Kanye and Jay-Z were performing at the Verizon Center, which is directly across the street from my Washington, DC office.)    

Jay-Z's "Niggas in Paris" verse is pretty good, but how could I -- a father of twins who were huge Full House fans and born in 1986 (just like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) -- resist these lines, which are 100% Kanye?

And 'Ye is 100% right.  Nothing wrong with Kate Middleton, but we're talkin' Mary-Kate and Ashley!

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