Friday, December 31, 2010

What? Who? Why?

What?  My posts to "2 or 3 lines a day" are brief quotes -- some from novels or nonfiction books, others from songs or poems or who knows what.  I will always identify the source (assuming I know it).  I may add a brief explanation or other commentary about the quote, but usually won't.  When I quote song lyrics -- which may be from songs I've discussed on the original "2 or 3 lines" blog -- I will usually embed a YouTube video containing the song.  I may add other links or a picture of the author. 

Who?  Who I am and how I became what I am today is very relevant to the quotes I've chosen to feature on this blog, but I'm not going to give you any kind of biography here. This blog is about the quotes, which will generally stand on their own.  Unlike my other wildly successful blog, "2 or 3 lines," this blog is not about me, so don't expect to read any autobiographical meanderings.  You may learn something about my tastes, my interests, and my point of view from the quotes I choose, but don't expect me to explain why I picked them.  (If you have any questions about particular quotes, feel free to ask.)

Why?  I am doing this blog for a variety or reasons.  For one thing, I'm interested in my friends' reactions to the quotes.  I'm also interested in what the strangers who discover this blog at random will think about it.  I have other motivations as well.