Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nick Paumgarten

[Christian] Rudder has discovered, for example, that the answer to the question "Do you like the taste of beer?" is more predictive than any other of whether you're willing to have sex on the first date.

From "Looking for Someone," a fascinating article about online dating from the July 4, 2011, New Yorker.  Rudder is one of the founders of OK Cupid, a "geek-hipster" dating site that matches up people based on their responses to questions.  He spends much of his time trying to determine which of the 280,000 different questions on the site are the best indicators who should be matched up with whom. 

But wouldn't simply asking "Are you a male?" be just as predictive as the "Do you like the taste of beer?" question quoted above?

The OK Cupid website

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