Friday, August 5, 2011

50 Cent

I bring the straps out
The Tec and the Mac out
The Sig and the Taurus!
The Koch and that Heckler . . .
You want some? Come get some!
Nigga, it's murder one when you see my gun
I just squeeze and squeeze 
'Til the whole clip done
You just bleed and bleed 
'Til the police come
From his 2009 album, "Before I Self-Destruct."  (Sounds like it's too late!)  All of August's "Rap Friday" posts will feature 50 Cent's lyrics.

Curtis Jackson (a/k/a/ "50 Cent") began drug dealing when he was 12.  When he was 25, he was shot nine times at close range, but was fully recovered within six months.

50 Cent has quite a selection of guns ("straps") in this song.  The "Tec" is presumably the TEC-22, a semi-automatic handgun, but could also refer to the TEC-9, an inexpensive machine pistol that was used at the Columbine High School massacre and subsequently banned by name in a 1994 federal statute.  The MAC-10 is another well-known machine pistol. 

SIG-Sauer, Taurus, and Heckler & Koch are all well-known small-arms manufacturers that produce a variety of weapons.  

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