Friday, August 26, 2011

50 Cent

It's like Paul McCartney's stuck in my head,
He fell in love with a bitch, 
She walked away on one leg,
She ain't even have to run to get away with the bread
From his 2009 song, "Do You Think About Me?"  50 Cent -- who was born Curtis James Jackson III -- is not one of your more politically correct rappers.

The woman that "Fittie" is rapping about here, of course, is Heather Mills, a model who lost part of her left leg when she was hit by a motorcycle in 1993 and who married Paul McCartney in 2002.  A London judge awarded Mills £24.3 million (which is the equivalent of about $39 million) when the couple were divorced in 2008. 

But don't cry for Sir Paul.  His net worth at the time was estimated at £450 million (roughly $720 million).  He can afford quite a few more bad romances.

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