Monday, November 21, 2011


Once a philosopher . . . twice a pervert.

The story goes that the great French author and philosopher Voltaire once accepted an invitation to engage in some unorthodox sexual practice. (This is the French we're talking about, so I shudder to think what that might have been.) Voltaire apparently did quite well at whatever was being done, and was invited back to do it again.

He supposedly declined the invitation with the words quoted above. Apparently the great man would try anything once -- but only once.
Observant 2 or 3 lines readers have no doubt noted that today is neither "French-day the 13th" or "French Fry-Day." This post is appearing today because Voltaire (real name: François-Marie Arouet) was born on this date in 1694.
I'm guessing that Voltaire was remembering the "Once a philosopher" experience when this portrait was painted. That's my explanation for that sh*t-eating grin on his face.

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