Monday, May 16, 2011

Keith Richards

We were in Jacksonville, Florida [in August 1975] and we were going to Hampton, Virginia, and [our American lawyer] had heard that the plane was going to be searched when we got there. . . . And so to avoid that, we collected everyone's contraband.  Everyone's guns, knives, drugs, anything that could be considered illegal, and packed it in two suitcases, and I took a private plane from Jacksonville to Hampton . . . with those two suitcases and drove to the hotel. . . . The drive was nerve-wracking.  I was going 50 miles an hour. . . . And then I got to the hotel, I went into a room, not mine, and put it all out on the bed.  And as they came in a couple of hours later they all picked up their stuff.  Annie Lebovitz has a picture somewhere of the treasure that was in those suitcases. 
(From Keith Richards' Life.  This excerpt was written by Mary Beth Medley, who was 27 in 1975.  She handled travel arrangements and other logistical matters for the band's "Tour of the Americas '75."  I saw the Stones at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City about two months before the incident described here.)

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