Sunday, July 17, 2011

Les Brown Orchestra

And now they speak in whispers low
Of how they stopped our Joe
One night in Cleveland -- oh! oh! oh!
Goodbye streak, DiMaggio!
From the Les Brown Orchestra's hit record, "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio."  After safely hitting in 56 consecutive games, Joe DiMaggio went hitless on this date in 1941 -- due largely to the defensive efforts of Cleveland Indians 3B Ken Keltner, who made two outstanding backhanded stops on hard-hit balls down the line.

In 1954, after his retirement from baseball, DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe.  When Marilyn returned from entertaining thousands of U.S. troops in Korea that year, she said, "It was wonderful, Joe -- you never heard such cheering."  He replied, "Yes, I have."

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